Sorry, but my English is not so good


Hi guys,

i try to post in english too. Why? I want to jump over the ocean to the american studies, there problems or wishes. And i want to connect german speaking studies with the american one with my website

What´s on

It´s a website about economical downloads for economical studying. for instance business studies, law, financial, review, math, economics and so on.

Is he stupid?

Yes, it could be, because i try to write in english, although i can’t speak german correctly 😉
No, it´s a joke. But it´s allowed to correct my postings, when you´re writuing a cooment. So i learn english and you are contacted german studies.

More about

I support an board which i translate into english in the next month. Sorry i translate the boarddescription only. so you can see in wich board you can post about your storry. there is and board about intership here you can talk about your expiriences in amercia or you can help other studies to managing here american intership.
your smaltalk is on right now. Further category are following or updated as sonn as possible.

English for economics

In the downloadcategory
are serveral downloads, but you don´t luaghing at the scripts 😉 many are made by me (is that correct, it sounds perfect)

OK, that´s al for the first time and i wish to write and communicat more in future.

Bye and greatings from Germany (Thuringia, Dingelstädt)

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